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Coaching in Italy Italian Full Scholarship - Italian Race Ambassador

The squad in Italy operates from middle May to the end of September in the town of Marina di Massa, a sea coastal area of the city of Massa. Holiday Camp in Marina di Massa Coast (Toscany) Italy. Marina di Massa and the surrounding areas are the endurance sports training destination of hundreds of professional and recreational athletes. Geographically, Marina di Massa is part of the Versilia Coast (similar to the Sunshine Coast in Australia). 30km of beach coast and a 5km coastal plain of towns and pine plantations. Just 5km inland from the beach there is the Alpi Apuane mountain range with peaks reaching 2000m in altitude. A famous event in the area is the MARBLEMAN Triathlon starting at the sea and finishing at 1500m above sea level.

Marina di Massa is in far north west coast of the Versilia coastal area in the Tuscany region. The town is located on the beach and is a tourist area from the middle of June to the end of August. The majority of the tourists are Italians with a few foreigners (Germans, Russians and North Africans). From Marina di Massa, you can tour the nearest historic cities and attractions by train, bus or ship cruises. The historic Tuscany city of Florence is about 100km, Pisa (with the famous leaning tower) about 45km and Lucca about 50km. Also very attractive is the white marble quarries area of Carrara, about 6km and the Cinque Terre walk (5 Lands walk) about 30km. The Italian lifestyle town of Marina di Massa is very well known for sports and relaxing holidays with beaches and window shopping all day and night!!!!

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Accommodation: Hotels, pensioni and youth hostels. If you are interested in staying in Marina di Massa or surrounding area, there are plenty of accommodation options. Marina di Massa is the classic Italian families’ summer destination. Accommodation ranges from 5 to 2 stars. In consideration of the summer season and the very high demand, the prices are not cheap. The best value accommodation in Marina di Massa is the pensioni, normally family oprated and very well located. Other cheap accommodation is the youth hostels. One is located 4km from Marina di Massa and the other about 2km.

Transport: The closest railway station is Massa Centro, about 4km from Marina di Massa. Sometimes, the Intercity trains do not stop in Massa Centro but in Viareggio (about 20km from Marina di Massa). To move around you can use buses and trains. They are cheap and cover all destinations. Car renting is another but expensive option. The best way to travel is renting a bike and discovering the near areas. Bike rentals range from city bikes to road racing bikes.

Training Venues:

Bike: The Versilia Coast is the Mecca of cycling in Italy. Hundreds of cyclists show up in the morning along the 30km coast road (Lungomare) before heading off for more challenging terrain. You can join a cycling group at any time of the morning. Every 30 minutes or so there is a group starting for a ride. Groups range from recreational to more advanced to pro cyclists. You can often find yourself beside local legends ex Tour de France riders like Cipollini, Petacchi, Piepoli and Ricco. All the rides start from the very crowded and high traffic Lungomare (coastal road) before leaving for the inland quiet roads along rolling hills or hilly mountains.

The Lungomare (“beach road”) between Marina di Massa and Viareggio (A) is an excellent 20 Km of flat, good surface riding along the beach.  Many regular group rides train on this flat stretch of beach road. Very good for speed training with relatively few traffic interruptions.  Many good bars and restaurants along this route.  Can be very busy during the peak tourist season from late June to mid August.   

Bike:  Many tough climbs and circuits of varying lengths can be obtained by cycling NE into the mountains behind Carrara, Massa and Forte dei Marmi (B).  Roads are usually fairly traffic free and climbs of up to 2000 metres can be as tough as you want.  Spectacular scenery adds to the enjoyment and dulls the pain somewhat. Long rides can also be done by following the coast into the Ligurian Region beyond La Spezia (C).  There are many loops and grades and distances can be chosen to suit the training.  There are many spectacular views and many bars for refreshments. Other long rides can be done via Viareggio to the historic towns of Lucca and Pisa (D).  Traffic tends to be heavy at times on these routes but the historic towns and views on the way make this worthwhile.

Run: The beach side of the 20km Lungomare road  between Marina di Massa and Viareggio is the very popular footpath for long aerobic runs with up and back circuits of any distance.

Kilometres of pine plantation park tracks are available along the coast (E). These parks are ideal terrain for quality training while escaping the hot weather. Most popular parks are: Pineta Ugo Pisa in Marina di Massa, Tenuta di Marinella di Sarzana. Pinata di Marina di Pietrasanta, Pineta di Viareggio, Pineta di Torre del Lago, Tenuta di San Rossore.

Synthetic 400m running tracks are in Marina di Carrara, Massa, Pietrasanta and Viareggio. The Pietrasanta track has a bike-velodrome surrounding the running track making this track the ideal venue for brick sessions.

Possibility of altitude training (around 1500m above sea level) is possible with just a 30min drive from the beach. Just 5km inland from the beach there is the Alpi Apuane mountain range (B) providing variety of flat, undulating and hilly trails. Campo Cecina and Pasquilio are the most popular areas.

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Open Water Swim: Torretta Beach is a popular sea salt water swimming area 700m long and 100m wide protected by a rock wall from the open ocean (no lane ropes in place!!!!) (F).  Near Casa Faci Beach is a small park called ”Pineta Ugo Pisa” in which there are shady track loops about 1 Km in length and very popular as a running venue in hot weather.

Pool Swimming:  Many public pools are available in the Versilia area: Marina di Massa 50m outdoor pool (June to September) and 25m indoor pool (October to May) - Marina di Carrara 25m outdoor pool (June to September) - Carrara 25m indoor pool (October to May) - Forte dei Marmi/Seravezza 25m indoor pool (all year around) - Viareggio 25m indoor pool (all year around) - Bagno Principe di Piemonte/Viareggio salt water 25m outdoor pool (May to October).

Italian Squad Training Schedule Options:

Swim weekly training: Three times in the 50m outdoor pool and three time OWS at the Torretta Beach.

Run weekly training: One interval run track session, two Fartlek runs in the pine plantation, one aerobic run and one hilly run.

Bike weekly training: Two 50km rides (Tuesday and Thursday), one long ride (Saturday) and one brick session (Sunday).

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Marble Square, Marina di Massa - Bike Training meeting point.

Just 5km inland from the beach there is the Alpi Apuane mountain range with peaks reaching 2000m in altitude.

A famous event in the area is the MARBLEMAN Triathlon starting at the sea and finishing at 1500m above sea level.